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fake nylon webbing

Issue Date:2014-10-13   Views:2967
  • fake nylon webbing

    Polyester(Also called imitation nylon) unlike nylon webbing, polyester webbing is resistant to more chemicals and doesn't stretch when wet or damp therefore, reducing the higher risk of accidents. Polyester webbing is light and abrasion resistant making it very suitable for outdoor environments. Applications for use of polyester webbing can vary such as seat belts, tie downs, barrier straps, soft fire ladder, electrician's climbing belt, harness and so on. When properly stitched, any fitting or hardware can be affixed to the webbing extending the functionality.


    Polyester webbing Usually include FDY and DTY, The FDY also called imitation nylon, The DTY looks a bit like cotton. Polyester webbing is a great choice for applications that require lightweight strength and durability. Polyester webbing is semi-water resistant, absorbing very little water to help prevent mold, mildew and rot. It is considered a good material for outdoor use and won't stretch as much as nylon. Polyester webbing is affordable and comes in a variety of widths and styles to meet your needs. Strap works offers standard polyester webbing solid colors or patterns as well as tubular polyester webbing, military spec webbing, seatbelt polyester and bags polyester webbing.

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